Painless Detangling Boar-Bristle Hair Brush (Buy 1 Get 1)

If your head isn't flat as a board, then why is your hairbrush shaped like one? This Soft Boar-Bristle & Nylon Detangling Hairbrush will get rid...

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If your head isn't flat as a board, then why is your hairbrush shaped like one? 

This Soft Boar-Bristle & Nylon Detangling Hairbrush will get rid of knots and tangles without the pain—perfect for tender-headed Queens👑. 

Its vented back design allows hot air to pass easily, which makes hair blow-drying 30% faster than using a regular paddle brush. While the non-slip designed rubber handle makes it super convenient to hold.

Experience the relaxing scalp massage feeling during comb promoting better hair growth. This is how a hairbrush is supposed to feel right? Why not try it?

✔️Made of Boar Bristles
The soft boar bristles stimulate natural oils and sebum from your scalp and distributing it gently down from hair roots to the drier ends. 
Natural Boar-Bristle & Nylon Detangling Hairbrush Infographics

✔️Quick Detangling
This lightweight hairbrush glides through your hair like butter. The boar bristles & nylon pins greatly help detangle your hair while gently massaging your scalp.

✔️Vented Back Design 
The vented back design of this heat-resistant hairbrush will make hair blow-drying 30% faster than using a regular paddle brush. Therefore, this greatly helps in preventing frizzy and damaged hair caused by excessive heat.

✔️Curved & Oversized Brush Head
If your head isn't flat as a board, then why is your hairbrush shaped like one? This easy-to-clean hairbrush has a curve-shaped design that gently hugs the contour of your scalp. It allows optimum contact points and angles with the scalp.

✔️No more "I hate you mom"
Your kids will love this hairbrush because it detangles hair without the pain. This brush glides smoothly on your hair without struggling, pulling, tearing, and snagging. That means no more scream fest and crying princesses.

✔️Works Great on All Types of Hair
It can be used by men & women regardless of the hair type—from curly to kinky curly, and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair—this brush will easily adapt to any hair type. Get the knots out easily, no more tangled and frizzy hair.

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