Our Story

Myleyna is a collection of awesome home and gardening products that solve problems so you can save time, stay sane, and have fun at home.

For every product sold, 10% of our net profit is donated to our non-profit programs: Myleyna Smile Bank & Myleyna Scholarship Foundation.

How it Started

I arrived from work one afternoon, and the smell and sight of our messy apartment space made me more exhausted.

Sharing an 18 square meter studio-type rented apartment with my parents and sister in a busy city is quite a sight. A lot of clutter inside the room. Dirty dishes are sitting in the sink. The thick layer of dust is towering the shelves. Kitchen and toilet drains are clogging with hair. 

It became my daily setting, but then I changed my outlook on life. I knew I need to stop getting used to things I got comfortable with. I need to aim bigger because I know I can. And there isn’t a better time doing it than now.

So, I grabbed my phone and searched for products to solve some of our day-to-day household problems.

After going in and out of various big e-commerce stores, I was honestly overwhelmed and frustrated. Too much clutter and products to choose from. Same products appeared on my search feed but with different prices. The product description does not explain how to use the product nor how will it help me improve my life. Tons of sellers to choose from, and I don’t even know if they know what they’re selling or if they even check the quality of their products.

I ended up wasting so much of my time just finding out which listing to choose from or if the product works by checking reviews and other product options. 

It’s just too overwhelming. It made me more exhausted!

I wanted to build a platform where I can promote my curated home and gardening products. Products that solve interesting problems and delight my customers so they can save time, stay sane, and have fun at home. I wanted to offer carefully reviewed products that are checked intricately by myself. Awesome products which I could proudly provide to my customers. 

I wanted to build a platform where quality and excellent customer support are the only options while making a difference by giving back a portion of my sales to people in need. 

The Founding 

Myleyna Home & Garden Supplies was founded on October 13, 2019, in the Queen City of the South—Cebu City, Philippines. It’s founded by myself, Joven Mahusay, a Filipino Civil Engineer who enjoys curating awesome home products that solve problems. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with an academic distinction as Cum Laude, alongside an award for Leadership from our country’s tight-knitted Society of Civil Engineers.

In the same year, we acquired our partnership with Innoliance Fulfillment Company in Foshan City, China. Our partnership abled us to warehouse and ship our products through their team so we could offer you safe and cost-effective international shipping services to over 200 countries worldwide.

Myleyna was born out of a passion for serving people, like how I oath to be an engineer—founded out of dedication to make this world a cozy, kind, and better one. To me, it’s all about solving interesting problems and delighting our customers. That is my guiding light.

What’s in our Name?

Leyna, which means light and truth, is a name that my 5-year long-time girlfriend and I desired to name our future daughter. In short, Myleyna is two particular words linked together, “My” and “Leyna,” which means my daughter Leyna. 

True enough, this company gave me light. It provided me the willingness to strive hard every single day and establish a promising future for my children while giving hope to the less fortunate by donating a portion of our sales for good.

What we do

Helping people who in need is part of my DNA. It touches every aspect of my company. From our giving model to our sustainable product sourcing, we see our business as a vehicle to make an impact.

We put 10% of our net profit toward our non-profit programs: Myleyna Smile Bank and Myleyna Scholarship Foundation

Our Products 

Here at Myleyna, we’ve done all of the curations of awesome home and garden products that solve problems so you will not have to do it yourself. We source our products with its direct manufacturers and suppliers to offer you our products at a competitive and reasonable price.

Each product was carefully selected and examined according to its design, usability, quality, and reviews from past purchasers around various e-commerce sites. Every product listed on our website is something I am proud to offer to you.

To ensure that anyone who touches our products is well-treated, we work with suppliers to uphold a strict code of conduct. By empowering the makers of our products and treating them with respect, we build lasting relationships while ensuring our products come under fair and sustainable working conditions. We’re changing the supply chain for the good. 

Our Mission

Myleyna was founded on the belief that home should be cozy, fun, and comfortable—a stress-free and safe haven after every exhausting work. I believe a home should be a place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with friends—a place to build memories. 

Our goal is to help you make your home enchanting while helping as many Filipinos who need our support. And I humbly ask for your help in funding a better world by continuously supporting us here at Myleyna Home & Garden Supplies. 

Join Our Cause

One step at a time, let's make a difference and positively impact the world in our own ways. Together, let’s make your home and the world enchanting!

Best regards,

Joven Mahusay
Leyna’s Dad, Founder, Civil Engineer