The Story Behind Myleyna


I arrived from work one afternoon and the smell of our messy apartment space made me more exhausted.

Sharing an 18 square meter studio-type apartment with my sister and both of my parents in a city so busy is quite a sight—dirty dishes sitting in the sink, thick layer of dust towering the shelves, drains are clogging with hair—it became my daily setting but that random afternoon of October 2019 changed my outlook in life.

I knew I need to stop getting used to things I got comfortable with, I need to aim bigger because I know I can.

So I grabbed my laptop and search for ways to solve some of our day-to-day household problems but then there are a lot of products and sites to choose from. And it made me even more exhausted. At once I wished there’s this one website made solely for household products who would recommend me solutions to save time from endless searching—and so that day marked Myleyna’s founding.

The Myleyna store was the realization of dreams, passions, love, and care. That is the goal that drives me to this day.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with an academic distinction as Cum Laude alongside with an award for Leadership from our country’s tight-knitted society for Civil Engineers and in the same year, I acquired my professional license. Back then, I was full of enthusiasm and dreams in helping people to solve day-to-day problems which I personally really love doing as an engineer. I was loaded with dreams, passion, love, and care that same afternoon on the 14th day of October and I had that same eureka feeling like Archimedes’—that is how Myleyna was born, born out of passion in serving people like how I oath to as an engineer, and born out of dedication to make this world an easy, cozy, and better one.

Starting a business is not as easy as it looks like. I’ve been in the lowest of lows to keep this company striving for its launch and it feels surreal that I actually did establish a company where I could put all my curated products of choice to help other people. I want Myleyna to be a platform to promote innovative and creative home solutions to moms, dads, and couples who are still trying to seek solutions to their common household issues the easiest way possible.


I am a family guy, I believe in happy endings and happy family where I could raise my children and take good care of my wife without taking too much time in fixing common household issues, the less time I have with these problems, the more time I could spend time with my family.

But why Myleyna? It is just two special words linked together, “My” and ”Leyna” which means “my daughter Leyna”. My long-time girlfriend for almost five years decided to name our future daughter Leyna which means Light and Truth. True enough, this company gave light and willingness for me in striving hard to establish a good future while helping other people have an easy take in life.

We are still a growing company, I could still count all our fulfilled orders but I know it still is a good start. I am happy with how my customers loved every purchase we have delivered to their doorsteps. And we would continue maintaining this to gain your trust. We believe that serving our customers comes with a responsibility by putting you—the customer—first and by listening and learning your needs.

You can browse our catalog, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, Pinterest, Youtube, or read some of our customer reviews so you can have a glimpse of what we really are offering to you, which is making your life easier and happier with our personally picked curated products.

We want to make your life at home cozy, better and stress-free, let us help you do it the best way we can. 

Together, let's make your home enchanting!

Love always,

Engr. Joven Mahusay
CEO, Leyna's Dad