The Story Behind Myleyna

The Story Behind Myleyna- Myleyna
Welcome to Myleyna — your home for all things decorating, kitchen, gardening, and home improvement. From mugs & coasters to vases & decors, we've got your home covered. Save your precious time and preserve your sanity with our creative household solutions. Let's make your home enchanting!
Myleyna was founded on October 14, 2019, by a young licensed Civil Engineer, who is very passionate about helping others to make their homes enchanting. With his dedication to solving day-to-day household pains, and a tons of problem-solving and curation later, our brand, Myleyna was born. 

What's in a name?
Leyna, which means light, is actually the name that I'm planning to give to my firstborn daughter. I then connected the words "my" and "leyna" to simply imply that Myleyna, our brand, is my light, and my future daughter all fused in one.
Moreover, Myleyna was established to elevate the lifestyle of our customers with our four primary goals:

  1. To offer unique but useful products,
  2. To provide products that will solve common day-to-day problems,
  3. To provide high-quality products that will give full satisfaction to customers, and
  4. To offer products that are friendly for every personality and budget.

Our Products

Our Products- Myleyna

At Myleyna, we import a wide array of unique, stunning and contemporary designed home products to provide you something very special and practical.
From artistically curated painting kits to ever-useful home improvement products, all are carefully chosen to give you the true meaning of happiness and customer satisfaction.
We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. We partnered with small/hobbyist artisans to help them make a living while offering our customers something unusual and unique that would excite everyone.
Whether you intend to find something for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, or a gift for achievement, we have the premium selection of unique items that shows and reflects how much you appreciate your loved ones.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission- Myleyna

To promote a minimalist home, quality family, and togetherness by providing distinctive and only items of superior quality. We aim to select all items to ensure their compliance with our core standards. We strive to continually work directly with our partnered reputable suppliers and manufacturers to constantly bring the best products available on the market.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision- Myleyna

To become a store that stands out and meticulously attends to its customer's needs. We want to constantly create a fantastic shopping environment where customers can feel relaxed, secured and confident in finding everything that will unite them with their family and friends, the true meaning of happiness.

 Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they'll inspire you too!

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